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A sixties Atomic cat hand printed with fish and stars in streaky blue/green glass. Kiln-fired over night (to make permanent) to a high temperature which leaves all edges rounded and safe. This glass comes mounted in a (handmade in the UK) fully sustainable American Oak block with tealight. Enjoy the pretty glass on a windowsill then after dark light the candle for an atmospheric effect.


Handmade stained glass and oak block.

Limited stock!


Materials: Stained glass, hand screen-printed, oak block


Approx. 145mm x  115mm.


This tea light comes gift wrapped. 

Atomic Kittie Blue/Green Tea Light Holder - stained glass

  • Free UK shipping.

    Limited stocks. If sold out, please enquire. Glass colours may vary as each sheet is different. Yours will be unique.

    Please state at check out if you would prefer a battery candle (non flame).

    Other designs within this collection may be available as suncatchers.

    Please remember that traditional materials include glass. Handle carefully and please don’t give to children.

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