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Single honey bee hand painted onto honey-coloured, honeycomb shaped glass, with love heart and flowers (design varies). Copper foiled and mounted in a handmade wooden mount. (sustainable American oak, made in the UK).  This can be set on a window sill for natural light and still admired after dark by lighting the candle behind it.

I am offering a special, hand-poured beeswax candle with each of these tea light holders.


Size: 80mm x 90mm

Materials: Hand painted stained glass, copper foiled and mounted in a handmade wooden block tea light holder all made with traditional techniques.


This suncatcher comes gift wrapped and will include a hand poured beeswax tea light.


Each tea light contains 100% pure beeswax and retains its wonderful honey-like scent profile. Each will come in a reusable polycarbonate cup, which as the name suggests can be kept and reused with tea light refills. Tea lights are sourced from sustainable UK hives.

Honey Bee, honey-coloured handmade stained glass

  • Other colours may be available.

    Wooden tea light holder is made of sustainable American oak, handmade in the UK.

    This piece comes with a wax tea light candle. Please mention at check out if you would prefer a battery / non-flame tea light instead.

     If sold a similar one can be made to order. Please enquire.

    Please remember that traditional materials include lead and glass. Wash hands after careful handling and please don’t give to children.

    Free UK shipping. Please enquire for shipping rate to other areas.

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