Atomic Stained Glass Art


Stained glass flower panels make an ideal present for someone who loves floral gifts but wants something that lasts a little longer than fresh cut flowers.

Each piece is unique as it is handmade. 

Please contact me to discuss colours and sizes of bespoke pieces or to enquire about panels you see here. They may be for sale, guide prices indicated. Please check sizes quoted, especially if viewing via mobile, as panels may appear out of proportion to one another.

Some glass colours are more expensive than others and size/intricacy affects costs. Techniques can include painting, copper foiling and / or traditional leading. 

Free UK shipping! If interested and living outside the UK please enquire and I will happily work out shipping to your location.

Please check the shop for availability - variations being added.

Honey Bee Bouquet

Ever-lasting flowers! Multi-coloured honey bee and flower window art, hand painted on honeycomb shaped glass. Copper foiled, leaded to finish and supplied with suction cup and free UK shipping.

Approx 170 x 170mm


Check availability in the shop.

Similar could be made to order - choose your favourite flowers and have a bespoke bouquet made!

Nouveau Orchid

Multi-coloured floral panel using pink and green glass and nouveau curves. It is finished with pink and lilac glass beads.

Hand painted, copper foiled  and leaded stained glass panel with free suction cup.

140mm x 100mm 


Free UK shipping.

sunflower rondell

Sunflower Roundel

Multiple pieces of bright yellow glass are painted to mimic happy sunflower petals. 

Hand painted, copper foiled and leaded stained glass panel with free suction cup.

165mm x 165mm 


Free UK shipping.

orchid port_edited.png
honey bee bouquet portrait.png
Simple orchid

Simple Orchid

Single colour suncatcher

Hand painted, copper foiled stained glass panel with free suction cup.

100mm x 100mm 


Free UK shipping.

sunf mini.png

Sunflower Suncatcher

Jolly mini sunflower hand painted onto yellow glass, strung on green twine.

Approx 60mm x 60mm 


Free UK shipping.


Orchid Arch

Mini window suncatcher

Leaded, copper foiled & painted stained glass panel

165mm x 85mm 


Free UK shipping.

antique bouquet

Antique Bouquet

A rustic, reclaimed effect makes for an atmospheric selection of flowers and foliage hand painted and kiln-fired to be permanent. The glass used includes highly textured Yorkshire glass in the border.

Copper foiled, painted and leaded stained glass.

200mm x 190mm

£75.00 with free UK shipping.


Rose Arch

Mini window suncatcher

Leaded, copper foiled & painted stained glass panel

145mm x 85mm 


Free UK shipping.


Orchid and Ivy

leaded and painted stained glass panel

150mm x 300mm   


Free UK shipping.

toadstool home

Toadstool Home

Single piece of multi-coloured streaked glass. Hand painted with a scene of leaves, flowers and a toadstool that is evidently someone's home!

This piece of glass is unique in texture & colour.

The nature of the glass dictates the design of the finished piece.

Rustic leaded stained glass finished with coloured and filigree beads.


Some Previous Commission Examples

Sunflower fanlight
mecanopsis fanlight

Mecanopsis and Sunflower

fanlight glass

Painted, copper foiled and leaded stained glass.

Private Commission

A favourite flower was chosen by both commissioners in this household for adding to kitchen fanlights. A sympathetic colour way was worked out to bring these two, very different flowers, together in one, harmonious design.

The finished panels were fitted in place with wooden beading and sealant.

fitting fanlights
Lily portrait web.png

White lily

Copper foiled and painted stained glass

160mm x 160mm 

Private Commission

White is difficult to achieve in transparent glass as basically you would have to use clear glass. To achieve something more solid I used a pearlescent glass which is quite opaque.

This has an iridescence to it which, combined with the contrast to the transparent coloured glass pieces, makes it very attractive.

The edges have been given an organic, rustic feel, this reflects the Tiffany lamp technique of copper foiling that has been used here and adds focus to the flower itself.

Lily in situ


Copper foiled and painted stained glass

160mm x 160mm 

Private Commission

Spring daffodils were requested as a birthday present for someone living in Wales. Bright, crisp colours mean the window that this is hung in will always give the impression of spring no matter what the season.

This panel was made with the Tiffany lamp technique of copper foiling. Paint was applied and fired in several layers to achieve realistic texture on petals.

Sunflower + leaf
Sunflower + leaf portrait

Sunflower and Leaf

Copper foiled and painted stained glass.

Ever popular this is a lovely, sunny sunflower and it brightens the window it now adorns, no matter what the weather.

Each of these stained glass designs is unique. Many use varying techniques and processes.

Designs may be re-used but the nature of the hand-made piece and variations in the glass itself mean that each finished item is different. 

Yours will be a one-off! 

Please read dimension information especially if viewing site via mobile. Some pieces may look smaller /out of proportion to their neighbours.

Please see the process page for more information on how these are made.

Please feel free to ask for something similar or something totally different - a bespoke commission!

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